Partner Certification Program

Certification Overview

Upon entering the Moto Mods™ Partner Certification Program, partners will receive information to help them understand how to create safe and inter-operable Moto Mod products. This information includes reference designs for common Moto Mod architectures such as battery charging and digital audio. It also includes product requirements, test procedures, and a checklist to help partner ensure their designs will work correctly across the Moto Z family.


When partners have successfully executed certification of their product, they will receive authorization to use a Moto Mods certification logo on their packaging. This logo will provide value to partners by indicating to consumers that the product has been designed and tested to be inter-operable with any Moto Z phone. Certification will also enable partners to digitally "sign" their Moto Mod firmware with a special key, allowing Moto Z phones to recognize the product as having successfully completed this process. The Moto Z can then treat the partner's product with a higher level of trust within the system and when asking the user to authorize behaviors requested by the Moto Mod.

Certification Process

Partners entering the Moto Mods Partner Certification Program will receive the following information:

  • Reference design packages (schematics, BOM, layouts) for common architectures

  • Design guidelines documentation

  • Certification Test Requirements documentation

  • Self-Certification Test Form checklist

Partners can start developing their product using the MDK and reference architecture information, using the design guidelines documentation as guidance. Along the way, Motorola developer support engineers will be accessible via email to answer any questions the partner may have. Once the partner has reached a stage in development where prototypes are available reflective of the final design, they can execute the certification tests described in the Certification Test Requirements and checklist documentation. When a partner determines that the prototype passes the required tests in the checklist, they can self-certify the fact that their product meets the program requirements and submit the completed form, samples, and associated Android application to Motorola. Motorola will review the form and may conduct a final set of tests on the product samples and core device application before awarding certification.

Ready to get started?

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