Frequently Asked Questions

General Overview

+ What is the Moto Mods™ Developer Program?
+ What is the purpose of this program? How will it impact the everyday consumer?
+ How much will the MDK cost?
+ So I’ll need to buy a Moto Z phone as well?
+ I have a great idea. When can I get an MDK?
+ Do I have to use the MDK, or can I start with my integrated solution?
+ Are you providing any incentives to develop a Moto Mod?
+ If I choose to use the Moto Mods platform, do I still own my ideas?

Developing a Moto Mod

+ Is there criteria that developers need to meet in order to participate, or can anyone create a Moto Mod?
+ What sort of skills do I need to create a Moto Mod?
+ How will you review and select prototypes to turn into actual Moto Mods?
+ What if I have an idea but want to see if anyone else is already working on something similar. Will there be a public forum for developers to share their work?
+ How long does the development process take and when can we expect to see developer-created Mods on the market?
+ Will the MDK apply to future Moto Z generations or will you issue a new MDK with each new phone?
+ Is there a limit to how many developers can participate? What about how many prototypes developers can submit for certification?

Using the MDK

+ What Moto Mods can be created with the MDK?
+ What MuC does the MDK use?
+ Which MuC data buses are available when using the MDK?
+ Which high speed data buses are available when using the MDK?
+ I flashed my bootloader (or firmware), why won't the MDK boot up?


+ Is there a profit-sharing system if a Moto Mod created by a developer or other third-party is successful?
+ Can you tell me more about your Moto Mods distribution strategy?
+ Are there minimum volume requirements for using your distribution channel?
+ If a Moto Mod makes it through certification and is sold through Moto distribution, how long can it remain on the market? What if it doesn’t sell well - is there a time limit before it’s removed?
+ Can developers advertise their product separately?
+ Can I use the Motorola and/or Moto Mods logos in advertising my concept or product?


+ Is this program a long-time commitment or simply a pilot for Moto?
+ How has Lenovo been involved in the development of the program? Will Lenovo continue to play a role?